How to Fix Instagram Not Working?


Instagram is one of the broadly demanded social media platforms.

It can be very annoying if the user faces any Instagram-related issues as it is used by social media influencers, renowned brands, business entities, entrepreneurs, customers, sales teams, and so on, they can bear huge losses if they have to face issues with Instagram.

Since Instagram can be operated on all devices Android as well as iOS, solutions to fix issues with Instagram may differ accordingly.

Possible Reasons & Solutions: “why Instagram not working”?

There can be many reasons for “why is instagram not working 2022“, some of those reasons with their solutions are listed below:

Before moving to reasons, users must check their Internet and Network connection and also the data left on their device, as this can be the most common reason “why Instagram not working”.

Reason 1: Instagram Server Down

When the Instagram server is down it can lead to issues with Instagram and its users.

Users can try logging into another Instagram ID or can also try to log in from another device to confirm that the issue lies with the Internet server and not from the user’s side.

To Fix this Issue : 

> Users can restart their device or Instagram app and keep on checking after a few minutes as usually it only takes that long but if the user still faces the issue, they can contact the Instagram help center, and file an online complaint or call the service center.

> Can also try to Reboot the device or delete and re-install the Instagram app again and must log in again to see if Instagram is working or not.

> Users can also check Instagram’s network status at DownDetector, or can also search for “Is Instagram down” on Google to verify it.

# Note: When users find it unable to add more accounts to their account, it may not be some technical issue with Instagram, it can also be because they may have hit Instagram’s limit and Instagram may ask them to unfollow some accounts to add more.

Reason 2: Cache & Cookies

When there are corrupted files on the device or users have not cleared their web browser, browsing history from a long time and it has cache and cookies on the browser and the device as well, it can lead to an ‘instagram is not working‘ issue.

To Fix this issue:

> Users must clear their browsing history including cache and cookies and also delete all corrupted files from the device.

> It’s a long shot but users can also try to reset their device(If possible), when deleting files or browsing history doesn’t work.

Reason 3: Outdated Versions 

If the web browser on which users are using Instagram or the Instagram app on the device is outdated, it can cause issues with instagram.

Even if the operating system on which Instagram is running is outdated, it can cause compatibility issues and can affect the programs running on it such as Instagram.

To Fix this issue:

> Users need to update the web browser as well as the Instagram app to avoid the ‘why is instagram not working 2022’ issue and also update the operating system on the device.

Reason 4: Ensure users may have enabled permissions

When the permissions asked by the Instagram platform are not accepted by the user, Instagram’s full functionality can affect and may not work at all which can lead to the “Instagram is not working” issue.

To fix this issue: 

Users must check that they have enabled all permissions asked by Instagram.
# Note: In case, none of the solutions works, users can always create a new Instagram Account.

Apart from the above topic, if you want to know how to reactivate your Instagram account then, there is an article which you can follow to fix this issue. You can visit that article through the given below link.


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