How to Get 10k Plays on Soundcloud?


SoundCloud is one of the leading musical platforms where artists from all over the globe are contributing. With almost 70 million users, SoundCloud is now making its place on the list of most renowned social platforms.

While talking about being social platforms, the ones who have to be conscious of their every step are creators. The most crucial thing they struggle with is the race to get more plays. Targeting the community on SoundCloud to this Soundcloud plays here is a good strategy to go with.

If you have set a target for yourself and you want to put effort according to that, you can do it. There are a few basic tips you must follow in order to accomplish your task of attracting 10k plays to your SoundCloud.  

Ensure the quality of your music

On SoundCloud, the foremost thing which can make your music rank elevate is the quality. The ones who work on the quality tend to earn the play most rapidly. There is plenty of creator on SoundCloud who have a bundle of music uploaded, yet the plays are low.

The very reason contributes to that. In this way, make sure that your music is of high quality and is exactly according to the trends of music around the world.

You can also nourish the quality of your music by checking upon the kind of uploads the most influenced accounts have done so far. This will help you gather tips and tricks using which you will enhance the quality of your music on SoundCloud.

Provide necessary data during an upload

It has been seen that the soundtrack having proper description along with the definite genre and music type are appreciated more on SoundCloud. This means while uploading your music on SoundCloud. You ought to make sure that it has a distinct title, a relevant description, and a definite genre.

The specificity of the genre, if done professionally, then helps you to make your music reachable to those having the same taste as yours. In this way, the SoundCloud algorithm works in your favor, helping your music to be heard and noticed. 

Proactive promotion

Proactive promotion of your music before it is released is considered to be an investment. This investment helps you a lot when your music is out. All you have to do is to promote your music proactively before its release.

You can notify your followers and the community interested in you. Usually, analysts suggest that you must at least start promoting your music two weeks before its release. You can also add reminders if you want to. Once your music is released, most of the people following you will already be aware of that. It may help you to gain immediate pay just after the release. 

Create a sense of community

If the target to gain 10k plays is to be achieved quickly, you must first create a sense of community on SoundCloud. If you are expecting others to appreciate you in return for literally nothing, you are on the wrong track. You need to appreciate others as well.

To do so, try to find an account like yours and start listening to their music. You can also appreciate them by liking their playlists and commenting on them. In this way, once you are notified by the owner, you can establish a healthy relationship with them, which may eventually help you earn their plays too. 

Promote your music on other platforms

The social networks you are using can help you with more than just entertainment. You can drop the links of your SoundCloud account on those social platforms where you have the most followers. You can directly upload your music offsite as well.

It will help your followers from those platforms to get straight to your SoundCloud music. You may even get hundreds and thousands of plays. Moreover, you can also request your friends to share your music in their circles too. So that you can reach your 10k SoundCloud plays goal, you should do the following.

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