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In the present scenario, if you are not going digital then you might lag behind in putting your institute forward. Besides groceries, food items and electronics, even tutors these days have gone digital. Managing your Institution on a large scale could be difficult. So, Edneed makes it easier for you to manage your institution with a school management system.   

Covid has totally changed the scenario. Earlier, people used to be physically present but now people are shifting to virtual grounds. So, in order to walk shoulder to shoulder with other Institutions and to even leave them behind, you need to go digital. So, get on Edneed and make a dynamic website which will take just two minutes and will help you to grow your institution and to connect you with your students.

Manage all activities at your fingertips

Keeping a track of your teachers and students progress is tough, at least it used to be. But not anymore, you can keep an eye and track the progress available to you at just a click. You can manage all the activities of your website just at your fingertips. It’s that easy and convenient. It’s a centralized and secure place where you can save and keep all the learning content for your students without the fear of losing it. You will have complete control over the website as you can manage the teachers, students and learning materials with just a single click. 

Teaching is a two way process. If a student is studying then there is a huge possibility that he/she is going to have doubts. So, for that issue, digitize your classroom and make it interactive. You can create your educational content and save it in the website so that students can access it whenever they are in need. Without knowing the student’s progress, a teacher won’t be able to know how much assistance and in which area the student is lagging behind. With the help of making a dynamic website, you can check students progress and help them in the required field even better.

Easy Assignment Submission

Earlier, teachers used to run behind their students to make them submit the assignment. Now, it’s not the case anymore. A very special feature for the teachers and students, now submitting the assignment is not a problem. Students can submit their homework on the website easily without any hassle.  

So, you can keep a check on your student’s progress by taking an online test which is highly efficient and easy to make. You can manage attendance and leaves of students and teachers easily and effectively. 

Was managing your institution ever that easy?

There used to be a separate staff for keeping records of all the teachers. They kept records of all the students and forwarded it to the senior staff. Everything was done on papers along with registers. It is difficult to check progress and records of every individual manually. It is tough and the person who has to compare the previous record will not be able to do it conveniently. He would get in a lot of trouble. Whereas, everybody likes convenience and hassle free work. A smooth working system brings satisfaction to the individual. 

School management system is a device which intends to help the organization. You can utilize the school management system in performing the institution’s day to day activities. Clearly, it is a paperless system which makes it easier for the operator to keep a further check. The paperless feature of the school management system makes the functioning of the institution smoother and faster. Many students can’t attend the classes in physical mode or sometimes due to some unfortunate reason school gets closed. Then with the help of the school management system, the school can schedule online classes and continue the teaching and learning process.

Go digital, save time

School management system helps in organizing the bulk data easily, efficiently and flawlessly. The biggest advantage of this system is that it is virtual. Carrying papers all over the school could be difficult as it is bulky, heavy, not easy to store and not easy to transport. In addition to that, online data is easy to store, can store lots and lots of data. It is portable and the data could be copy-pasted to the desired location without any hassle. The pandemic has changed the way the world used to be. The pandemic has impacted the educational institutions the most. Following which, it feels like it has become mandatory for the schools to have good school management software. 

The online data could be used by the students 24/7. The students can freely access the educational data whenever they need. Parents can also check the progress of their ward and can get the idea that in which area they need to focus more. A well designed school management system will help to reduce the workload of staff. It will help the students and will save teachers time too. In order to work smoothly and efficiently, every educational institution should opt for a school management system

Data theft? No chance

As everything is getting virtual, theft of data is also getting common. Obviously people are afraid of data theft and why wouldn’t they be? Unquestionably data theft is a very serious problem and Edneed has taken this issue seriously. The platform is end-to-end encrypted which means only your institution and the students can access the service you provide. It is secured in a way that no one can penetrate your website without your permission. Not surprised, right? Yes, it is not at all surprising. Securing your data is our top most priority.  With data security, you are not going to lose your data. So, your data is yours and is safe. Now there’s no need to worry about the security, it’s all taken care off. 

Coding Required? No!

Building a website used to be tough. A person had to be a coding expert in order to make a dynamic website. A website which is user friendly and has an attractive user interface was a tough one to make. At Edneed, you are just a few simple steps away from making a website of your own. You don’t need to be a coding expert, in fact you don’t need to know anything about coding. Since you don’t need to be a coding expert, therefore, just sign in and design a website for your institution with an ocean of themes available to choose from. The website created is highly customizable which means that you can customize your website as you want and anytime you want. Creating a website is so easy that even a beginner can make a good website in just two minutes. 

Digitize your educational institution and connect with the students digitally too. Edneed Learning Management System is designed to help institutions operate more efficiently. It is loaded with features for institutes to ensure flawless academic and administrative activities. It is a one-stop digital solution for your institution. Easy to create and easier to manage. A good website is all that your institution needs in recent times. Boost your institution’s performance and increase its reach to a large number of students by creating a website. Website has lots of benefits. It provides exposure to the institution and reaches huge masses if  SEO done correctly. By building a website, you put a step forward in building your institute as a brand. 

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