Hostbillo Review: is Their Linux Shared Hosting The Best?


Once you complete the preparation of your website then you need to look for a perfect web hosting plan for your website. Linux shared Hosting can be a better hosting service for you if your website is new.

Many website owners use Cheap Linux shared Web hosting to host their website online. Because it has a lot of features and offers many benefits that help a website scale faster and perform better.

The problem is that there are so many web hosting providers in the market and it is very difficult to find reliable hosting providers. We have done some research and found that Hostbillo is the most reliable and trustworthy web hosting provider. They offer some of the best Linux shared Hosting plans. 

In this article, we will tell you all the features that Hostbillo offers with its hosting servers.

About Hostbillo Hosting Solutions

Hostbillo is a Web hosting company established in 2022. Hostbillo provides all types of web hosting services and Domain names.  Although it is a new company they have gained a lot of reputation from their customers. Their technical team is excellent, they have more than ten years of experience in web hosting services. Also, the company offers 24/7 customer support to give their customers a fully satisfying Web hosting experience.

Services Hostbillo offer-

  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Domain names
  • Tally on cloud
  • Forex cloud hosting

Why is Hostbillo’s Linux Shared Hosting Best?

As I said earlier, Hotsbillo offers many features and benefits with There Web hosting servers.

And if you buy the best Linux shared Hosting plan at any location in the world you’ll get many features. And here we mentioned all of them with brief information.

Unlimited bandwidth:

Hostbillo offers unlimited bandwidth with their best Shared Hosting plans. This means you can use as many amounts of bandwidth from your server as you want to use. It helps your website to load faster in users’ browsers. 

Unlimited Disk space:

You know that in shared hosting there are so many websites hosted on the same server and your website will get limited space on the server. But if you buy Hostbillo’s best Linux shared Hosting plan you will get unlimited Disk space, so your website can fulfill its storage requirements.

Unlimited RAM:

RAM is an additional memory that stores some of your Website data and helps it to provide faster to users. If you have a high amount of ram your server will run faster. Hostbillo gives you unlimited RAM Using option which means you can use as many Ram as you want to use from the primary server.

Control Panel:

Hostbillo provides a control panel along with their Shared Linux hosting Server. So you can do all your tasks on the server very easily with the help of the control panel. You will get the option of Plesk and cPanel, you can any control panel you want to use in your Server.

Free Domain:

Hostbillo’s Linux shared Web hosting plan comes with a free domain name when you buy the best plan. You can choose a .com domain or a TLD from another country. Having a top-level domain without paying extra can be very helpful for you.

Add on Domains:

Hostbillo gives you another best feature that helps you to save money on web hosting. ADD on Domain is a feature that gives you the authority to host more than one website on a Single web hosting plan. So if you have more than one website for your business then you don’t have to buy a web hosting plan for each of them you can just host all of them on the same server.

Uptime Guarantee:

Hostbillo provides a 99.90% server uptime guarantee with all their Hosting services. The result is that your web server will almost always function and send data to your users.

Server security:

Hostbillo is always concerned about their server’s security and that is why they provide a free SSL certificate with their Linux-shared Hosting plans. Also, they do regular server monitoring to prevent any outer security threats. They provide a DDoS-protected server as well.


Cheap Linux shared Hosting is no doubt one of the best Web hosting services for new websites. If you are able to find the best web hosting provider because shared Hosting is a web hosting service that is fully managed by the web hosting provider.

In our research, we found that Hostbilo is the best web hosting provider for Shared Hosting.

Their sales team and technical team are well mannered and are always available for their customers.

If you really want and hassle-free Web hosting experience then you should once check Hostbilo’s Web hosting plans and packages.

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