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Are you the one who has lost your keys and found yourself searching for them? No matter if you have a house or a business, the key is an indispensable item. Practically everyone uses keys every day. A key lock box can be installed in any room of your home to keep keys safe when they are not being used. If someone is trying to open your door without your key, or if you need extra security for your valuables, the key lock box can be a great option. What is the operation of key lock boxes? e20 Locksmith Westfield Avenue team of E20 Locksmiths will help you decide if installing key safes is practical.

What Are Key Lock Boxes?

Key safes can be described as robust metal boxes made of strong metal. A key lock box, a type of safe that is used to secure your door keys, is called a key lock box. You can access your keys by entering a combination code in a lock on the wall or concrete outside of your home. Only you and anyone who has access to your property can know the combination code. You can usually find key lock boxes at mechanics shops, real estate offices, and car yards. These storage units can be attached to a wall to provide easy and useful storage.

How do I access a key lock box?

Setting your code

Select a combination of numbers (usually between four and five digits, with no duplication). Enter the code. When pressed, each button must click. Press the OPEN button. If everything is correct, the OPEN buttons will slide down completely. Try again if it doesn’t work after pressing the CLEAR key.

Open the key safe

To unlock the door, press the CLEAR key first. You can now enter your code after clearing the key lock. When you press the OPEN BUTTON, the key safe will automatically open. The key safe will lock automatically when you release the OPEN button.

Closing of the key safe

Once again, enter the code. Next, attach the bottom edge of the front cover to your key lock box. Hold down the OPEN button and close the key safe. After that, you can release the OPEN button to lock the key safe. You must enter your key code to OPEN or CLOSE your key safe.

How to Prevent Break-ins on the Westfield Avenue

Selecting the perfect location for a key safe

The key safe for your home should be kept as hidden as possible. Keep in mind that it contains the key. To reduce the chance of your home being robbed, a key safe should be kept out of view. You should make sure that it isn’t near the door, can’t be seen from the street, and isn’t at eye level. It also needs to be difficult to identify as a key safe. If you have an existing safe, and it is in any of these places, you may want to move it.

Hidden from the eyes of others are the best places to keep your key safe. You could conceal it by hiding it in a mailbox, window box, drainpipe, or plant. It is also a smart decision to place it in a visible area where it can be tampered with.

Continuously changing the code

E20 Locksmiths recommends that you change the code of your key safe regularly. Each key lock box comes un-coded and you can create the code yourself. It is as easy as setting up the key lock box for the first time to change the code. You can then update the code as many times as you like. For assistance, contact the manufacturer or call our locksmith Westfield Avenue team.

Locksmith Westfield Avenue

Are you worried about misplacing or losing your keys? Don’t worry! We at E20 locksmiths provide a variety of door and locksmith services throughout East London. All residential and commercial lock and door services can be handled by our skilled locksmith Westfield Avenue professionals, including lockout and key lock box installations, lock re-keying, lock changes, lockouts, and lock change. We also have door specialists and locksmiths available 24 hours a day to help with any emergency. Simply call us at 020 8534 4949 to get any help.

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