How Do I Make the Most of My Spare Room? 


If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room, take a minute to consider what you are currently doing with it. Is it a guest room, an office… or is it a repository for this and that, for items that don’t have another place to live? Is it the grownup version of a junk drawer? If so, or if you want to utlise it to its fullest potential, we have a variety of ideas to inspire you.

10 Ways to Revive Your Spare Room

1. Use It to Make Some Extra Money

Why not? If you are comfortable with the idea, you can either let or turn your spare space into an Airbnb. This can help you generate some extra cash. If you are interested in this idea, check with your local authorities to ensure that taking either of these steps is allowed. You also need to be exceedingly selective when opening your home to other people; take steps to protect yourself, your household members and your property above all. 

2. Turn It Into a Playroom

If you have children, you know that their possessions tend to take over the house. From LEGO and crayons to dolls and trucks… it’s easy to believe your home is run (or overrun!) with tiny little people. Give them their own space and teach them how to tidy up and organise. Even the smallest child can put toys in a tote and it’s great for teaching responsibility. Plus, they’ll love a space that is totally kid-friendly and kid-centred. 

3. Turn It Into Your Playroom

We adults need some playtime too. Whether you love crafting, sewing, painting, sculpting, building, tinkering, making music, etc., you can devote your spare room to these pursuits. It’s highly beneficial to have some privacy and a room to call your own. 

4. Work It Out. From gym to home office, ‘working’ out can have a few different meanings! This space can make a terrific workspace or at-home gym with minimal expense. A desk, a comfy chair and other supplies will motivate you to achieve your productivity goals, just as some free weights, a treadmill and some full-length mirror will motivate you to achieve your health and wellness goals. 

5. Expand It Into a Spacious Master Suite or Spa-Worthy Bath

If the spare room is adjacent to your bedroom or bathroom, knock down a few walls and expand your space. You can create a full and spacious master suite with room for lounging and relaxation. If you expand into the bath, maybe now’s your chance to add the gorgeous soaking tub you have always wanted. 

6. Convert It Into a Full Walk-In Closet

Even if the spare room is not directly adjacent to your bedroom, there is no reason why it cannot be a walk-in closet. You can clear the clutter from your bedroom (and perhaps another household member or two) and organise items on garment and shoe racks, built-in shelving, freestanding shelving units, bureaus, etc.

8. Go Multi-Purpose 

When wondering, ‘what should I do with my spare room,’ remember that you don’t have to choose just one option! Why not use a corner for your desk and computer while your craft supplies are neatly stored in the other? Why not turn it into an inviting guest room that also pulls duty as your yoga studio?

8. Use It as An Entertainment Space 

Depending on the location of your spare room, this could be an ideal place for entertaining guests. With a little creativity, you can create a home bar, theatre or dining space. Perfect for girls’ and guys’ nights in, family game nights or watching your favourite FC win.

9. Make a Pet Paradise 

Pets are part of the family; if you have the space, you can give them their own room to play, rest and relax. This keeps pet-related clutter (and fur) out of the rest of your home, but it also provides them with a safe haven they can really enjoy. Install pet beds, a cat climbing tower, appropriate chew toys and other necessities for your furry friends. 

10. Clean It Out

If you are thinking about or planning to sell your house, use this space to store packing supplies and boxes that you are filling up for removals. It’s a practical way to start clearing the clutter. 

How will you use your spare room? 

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