5 Different Types of Essays and How to Choose the Right One


Essay writing is the worst or most unavoidable for school, college, or university students. They must get essay writing tasks throughout their study. But the types of essays are changing in their whole academic career. Once they learn one type of essay writing, then in the next section, they require to learn another. Sometimes they don’t even understand which type of essay is best for them. The brilliant students easily learned and wrote their essay tasks professionally.

However, most of the students don’t like to write an essay. Or some students are those that don’t have time to write their assignments or essays. In this way, they take writing help from different online sites. Online sources are no doubt helping students in their academics. For example, the education for medical students is so difficult. They require proper knowledge or help to get good grades. They can seek Law essay writing online to get researched based knowledge.

Moreover, this article will discuss the top five types of essays. These types are necessary for students to learn. This article will be very helpful for all those students wondering how to find the best essay type for them. Let’s start discussing the essay types.

These types are:

  1. Expository
  2. Argumentative
  3. Persuasive
  4. Descriptive
  5. Narrative

Expository essay type

An expository essay aims to describe the information about any topic that is opinion free or may be narrow or broad. This type of essay is assigned to students for class work or exam tasks. Here are some tips for writing an expository essay:

  • In the introduction of an expository essay, it needs to clarify the essay topic completely or briefly explain its all elements.
  • In the first paragraph, you need to explain the thesis statement.
  • In the body of the essay, it needs to write enough evidence that helps to support the thesis statement very well.
  • In conclusion, part of an expository essay needs to readdress your thesis statement with evidence.
  • The transition among different parts of an expository essay should be clear and logical.

Argumentative Essay type

This type of essay requires an intense investigation of any topic to lead to the evaluation and collection of evidence. The result of the topic should need to be written concisely. Argumentative essays are usually used to write literature research. Sometimes it is used to investigate through observations, interviews, or surveys. Detailed research helps to understand a topic or its point of view.

For argumentative law writing, follow the following rules:

  • First, set the review and context of the topic
  • Make a narrow or appropriate thesis statement
  • Choose an idea that will help to support your thesis statement for every two paragraphs.
  • Write down proper facts and evidence
  • Explain facts that confirm the thesis statement
  • In the body of the essay, explain your topic briefly with proper evidence
  • In conclusion, sum up your thesis or conclude with some remarks.

Persuasive essay type

Ìt is a popular type of essay that is opposite to the expository essay type. This type of essay should focus on opinion. It included a specific opinion about a topic. writing a persuasive essay should follow these rules:

  • The opinion on the topic should be clear with the thesis statements.
  • The position you choose for your essay introduction maintains it throughout the whole essay.
  • The body of the essay should contain solid arguments.
  • Use pathos, logos, or ethos in writing.

Descriptive essay type

The name of this type of essay shows its meaning to describe something, a place, an object, a person, etc. for writing a descriptive essay, follow these rules:

  • Make a descriptive and solid thesis statement.
  • The body of the descriptive essay should be logical. Every paragraph should focus on the topic aspects.
  • The language used for this essay type should be varied and vivid.

Narrative essay type

The narrative essay type is just like a story. That may be emotional, insightful, moving, or anecdotal. It includes all story rules, including introduction, plot, climax, setting, characters, and conclusion. In a report book, do not write like a story. That information should be unemotional or impersonal. Follow these rules before starting to write a narrative essay.

  • The purpose of a narrative essay is a thesis. It’s not a formal type of essay like an academic paper.
  • The first-person narrative is welcomed but not a must.
  • Keep context consistent throughout the essay if you are writing a third-person narration.
  • It is not a five-paragraph standard essay. It includes an introduction or conclusion.

how to choose the right essay type

most people don’t know which type of essay is right for them. It depends on the situation in which you are writing. As a student, you must experience different essays that refer to your teachers. Or, if you are a professional writer, it depends on your clients on which type they want to write their essays.

Some essential tips for essay writing

You must follow all instructions when you start writing your essays and assignment. The interpretation of an essay is not important. If you have any questions or doubts, ask your teachers. If you ask for some clarification, your teachers will never mind. But you will get an advantage because you can write them in a proper way. Try to write an essay in which style your teachers want or expect.

Follow these tips before writing an essay.

  • If you are writing an essay type in five paragraphs format, you must notice that the rough examples are described. It is a very strong structure to explain your ideas and thoughts. If you learn essay writing in this style, then it will strengthen and improve your writing skills. You can write both longer and shorter essays in this type.
  • If you are still stressed or confused, watch some videos on essay writing that will help you.
  • When you get the essay topic, start writing besides choosing the essay type. The first draft will be good for your revision. You will write better when you write your essay with different drafts, leading to good marks.
  • Try to finish your essay before the given time. Must save some time for editing.

However, these are the best essay types for your writing. Be careful before choosing these types. Just remember the format style for each essay type. Try to look at this format before starting to write. The above mention tips will help you a lot in essay writing.

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