Tips That Can Help You To Reuse Your Press-on Nails


Press-on nails are a good option if you want to save some time and a lot of money. Press-on nails are not too expensive and they last longer if you take proper care of them. Usually, press-on nails cannot be reused but if you invest in good quality press-on nails and take proper care of them then you can reuse them 1 to 2 times. Press-on nails for specific occasions like Halloween Costume Nails are only used for a small time then instead of getting sad after removing and throwing them, you can follow some tips to reuse them.

Remove The Press-on Nails Carefully

If you want to reuse your press-on nails and want them to look brand new then the most important step is to remove them carefully. The first method to remove your press-on nails is to soak them in a mixture of warm water and soap. You have to soak the nails for at least 20 minutes. It will soften the glue and help your press-on nails to come off easily.

The other method is to remove the nails by using cuticle oil. Using a cuticle is best if your nails are already starting to loosen up. You can apply the cuticle oil between the gaps and then let it soften the glue inside. This way the nails will be removed easily. If your press-on nails are perfectly attached then you can apply cuticle oil on a cotton ball and press it against the nails for some time until the press-on nails get soft easily.

If you are looking for a quick method then you can go for the acetone method. Good quality press-on nails are not affected by this chemical. You only have to dip your nails in acetone for 5 to 10 minutes. If you want it to be more effective then you can slightly warm the acetone.

Use A Mild Glue

If you want to remove your press-on nails without damaging them then it is best to use a mild glue instead of a strong one. With a mild adhesive, it becomes very easy to remove the nails without damaging them. The drawback of mild glue is that your press-on nails won’t last long.

Nail tabs are a good option if you are looking for mild adhesive. Nail tabs make it very easy to apply the nails and remove them. Your press-on nails will last for at least a day with nail tabs.

Prefer Good Quality Press-on Nails

It is always a good option to buy good quality press-on nails. It is obvious that these nails are more durable and maintain their shine and design for a long time. No doubt good quality press-on nails are expensive but they can also give you the advantage of reusing them. These nails will look good as new every time you reuse them.

Remove The Glue

The important point to note is that you should not store your removed press-on nails without cleaning them. After removing the nails you should clean the remaining glue from the nails. The best way is to use a sharp object to clean it. After removing all the glue now clean the nail with alcohol. It will remove all the remaining spots of the glue and it will also prevent you from getting any infection due to reusing the nails.

Make sure that you store your used press-on nails separately from used on otherwise they will get mixed.

How To Take Care Of The Press-on Nails?

Whether it is Fake Nails for Kids or for adults you do not want them to look dull and damaged when you reuse them. There are a few tips that can help you to take proper care of your press-on nails so they look brand even when you reuse them

  • You must apply a top coat at your press-on nail to protect it or the design on it from any damage.
  • The cuticles of your nails must be moisturized every time. It will provide a good base for the press-on nails.
  • When you are doing dishes, gardening, and cleaning then you should wear gloves to protect the nails from damage. You should also wear gloves if you are handling hot water as it can also damage your nails.
  • Avoid applying too much force on your press-on nails as it can damage or break your nails. Avoid opening things that are hard to open and reach things that are out of your reach to prevent your nails from being damaged.

You might be thinking about whether all press-on nails are reusable or not. The answer is no as all press-on nails are not reusable. You must read the instructions when buying the nails. Otherwise, you might damage your natural nails in the process.

In a Nutshell

Most of the press-on nails are reusable so you can save a lot of money by just taking proper care of the nails. Though press-on nails last longer you can reuse them by following all the tips and precautions mentioned above.

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