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What Experts Say About Early Ejaculation Medicine?


Early discharge or premature ejaculation is becoming a common problem among men, causing them to ejaculate too soon or before the man or his partner wants. There isn’t a definite time for ejaculation. Yet men experiencing PE ejaculate within a minute of engaging in sex. There are available early ejaculation medicine that can help you to treat your condition. 

Sexologists recommend addressing your issue promptly, and men mustn’t delay consulting. Early ejaculation impacts a couple’s sexual life, causes a man to stress about his condition, and worsens the ejaculation. Since the causes could be biological, psychological, hormonal, or a combination of the above factors, a sexologist in Jaipur can effectively address the issue. There are effective early discharge solution options. Hence, men mustn’t get embarrassed or avoid seeing their sexologist. 

Early Ejaculation Medicine: Available Medicines For Treatment

Here we list some of the possible medical early discharge treatment options currently available in the market. 

1. Topical Solutions

Since early ejaculation may occur due to excessive sensitivity of the penis, some topical solutions help to numb the sensation. So such products are available in wipes, gel, lotion, and sprays. Ten to fifteen minutes before sexual activity, men may apply these products to their penis to diminish sensation and postpone ejaculation. They are accessible over the counter. At times, they may cause adverse effects. Moreover, they may reduce sexual desire and enjoyment in both partners.

2. Oral Medications

Since certain PE medications may mix with other drugs or pre-existing medical conditions, individuals must always see a specialist before taking any medicine. Hence, always consult your doctor. 

Several prescription and over-the-counter early ejaculation medicine options that might benefit PE include:

  • a few drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • antidepressants
  • analgesics

The sexologist will prescribe any medication after understanding your health condition or other complications. Hence, always consult with your doctor and avoid any medications making false claims.

Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation Cure 

Apart from early ejaculation medicine, some home remedies might help to manage PE. So they are as follows: 

1. Condoms

You may use condoms to treat early ejaculation since it reduces the sensation and may delay your ejaculation. 

2. Zinc supplements

The crucial mineral zinc not only encourages positive immunity and cell growth but could also aid in the production of testosterone, which may prevent premature ejaculation in some situations.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is an additional essential element for sperm production and sexual health.

Moreover, low magnesium levels have been linked to premature ejaculation since they may increase specific muscular spasms that are typical during orgasms.

Due to this, consuming sufficient magnesium may help prevent premature ejaculation.

4. Stop-start method

By prolonging pleasure, the stop-start method often called orgasm control or “edging,” might assist in delaying climax.

Whenever you experience the desire to ejaculate, immediately cease all sexual activity. When you become less stimulated, gradually resume sexual activities. Moreover, repeat this procedure as many times as required to control ejaculation.

5. Masturbation

Engaging in masturbation a couple of hours before engaging in sex may postpone ejaculation following penetration. Moreover, this sexual discharge should diminish your urge for a rapid climax.

If none of this works, you have to opt for early ejaculation medicine.

early discharge solution

Exercises For Premature Ejaculation Treatment 

Some exercises could help you delay ejaculation. So they are:

1. Kegels

Weakened pelvic muscles might cause a problem in delaying ejaculation. Hence, Kegels or pelvic floor exercises are the best options to strengthen these muscles. 

2. Squats

Squats are an invaluable exercise for strengthening the lower abdominal region. Hence performing squats improve blood circulation to the pelvic area and increases Testosterone levels, intensifying and prolonging orgasm. 

3. Ashwini Mudra

If you are looking for a Yoga pose instead of early ejaculation medicine to address early ejaculation, this is the perfect mudra. Ashwini mudra is the Horse position believed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. So, if you would like a single yoga activity for premature ejaculation, Ashwini mudra is the method.

Is Early Ejaculation Medicine Helpful?

Yes. At times the home remedies for premature ejaculation treatment might not work. Hence, medicines are the only effective way. Medicines for PE are only prescribed after understanding your health condition or the intensity of your problem. Further, continuous research and studies are on manufacturing the most effective medicine to treat PE. Some possible medications or combinations of medication and other treatment options currently treat early ejaculation. Hence, individuals must consult a sexologist to determine the ideal treatment approach. 

Where To Buy Early Ejaculation Medicine?

You can get the best early ejaculation medicine from Ohman. Ohman is a reputable platform selling medications for various men’s medical issues. So after consulting the sexologists on this platform, the doctors will prescribe the proper medication you can order from Ohman. Further, the medicines are FDA-approved. So, be assured you will only get safe medication. 


Any issues with your sexual life can impact your everyday life. Hence, consult the sexologists at IASH India to get the best early ejaculation medicine. 

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