What Ayurveda teaches us about managing Stress and Strain


Only when we’re in peace of mind will we be able to enjoy all the pleasures of life. The accumulation of material possessions such as relationships, names, and fame can’t bring us peace of mind.

The mind and the body are two separate entities however they reflect one another. The root of all physical issues lies in the mind.

Stress is a significant health issue these days. It’s the body’s response to an event – physical or emotional and is followed by the release of specific substances like adrenaline.


Stress is different from person to an individual. Therefore, the symptoms and causes can differ. The following are usual symptoms:



Reddened and flushed face

A little bit of stress can be beneficial in that it boosts productivity and provides a boost to your achievements.


A highly competitive environment

Over-demanding needs

The lack of time

Financial crisis

An excessive commitment


Ayurveda explains what Stress and Strain are.

According to Ayurveda stress on the mind and body is the root cause of all problems, physical, mental, emotional, social, familial, relationship, economic, and spiritual.

According to Ayurveda, stress refers to a state of mental/emotional/physical strain. This is due to an imbalance in doshas. Vata dosha can be exacerbated by poor diet, insufficient exercise, and a bad routine. Vata excess can affect the Mano vaha-srota. You lose your ability to reason, which causes you to be less determined and leads to lower mental strength. The levels of strain vary depending on the balance between these three doshas.

Stress can cause the body to lose its energy resources and the body to be constantly stressed.

Chronic stress and strain can lead to a reduction in immunity and resistance power. It can affect the body’s normal mental and physical functioning. It can cause certain body mechanisms to fail. Psychosomatic disorders can result, such as:

Ayurveda treats stress and strain

Ayurveda can be used to manage stress and strain. Although it is hard to eliminate stress, Ayurveda has clear and coherent regimes that can help.

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to stress relief that relies on the nervous system and promotes relaxation throughout the body.

Ayurvedic treatments help to eliminate stress from the brain, nerves, and body. Integrating medicinal herbs, Yoga, Pranayama and meditation into a holistic approach to healing is a way to achieve this. It is important to make sure that your diet is easy to absorb and digest.

Ayurvedic stress management is multifaceted and addresses different aspects of the body and mind.

Deeper relief of stress in different organs

Improve blood circulation and lung capacity

Improved nervous system and nadis of the Pranic body

Improve the hormonal balance and emotional balance of the mind

The Most Effective Treatments

The type and duration of treatment will depend on your age, medical history, Ayurvedic dosha imbalance, and other factors.


It is the most popular massage and an excellent relaxation technique. Massage the entire body with warm dosha-specific medicated herbs oil. It increases blood circulation, and the body is rejuvenated. Vital pressure points can be stimulated. This stimulates the nervous system and reduces stress. This type of massage improves circulation, boosts immunity, and induces deep relaxation of the body and mind. If you also want to get Abhyangamassage, then contact Abhaynag Massage Center in Jaipur today.


Relaxation can be achieved through the use of meditated oils baths.


The warm pouch, which contains njavara rice in milk decoction (ksheerakashayam), is used to massage your body. It helps reduce stress.


A continuous stream of medicated oil, buttermilk, or herbal decoction is applied to the forehead. This is the perfect therapy for restless minds. It increases blood flow to the brain and has a soothing effect on the Central Nervous System. This helps to reduce stress and improve comprehension and memory.


The crown of the head is treated with herbal decoctions. It calms the nervous system.


Shirovasti uses an extended cap to keep medicated oils on the head. This therapy is very effective in relieving stress and promoting nervous rejuvenation.

Treatment at Anurag Ayurveda

Anurag Ayurveda is an Ayurveda center In jaipur. It offers the Best Ayurveda Treatment  for stress relief.

Anurag Ayurveda offers the best Treatment of Ayurveda In Jaipur . There are many types of stress relief therapies that we offer. Sironabhyangam and Sirodhara, Takradhara and Sirovasthi are all head oleation treatments. The brain is given nourishment to relieve stress. Your entire body is regenerated and relaxed. Packages start at 7 nights.

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