Top Churn Reduction Strategies to Grow your Business


Churn is the arch-enemy of the SaaS business and its growth. However, no one can just sit and see losing their customers while churn scores continue to climb the ladder up. To reduce the higher churn scores, the onus lies on the part of the customer success management team. But the question is if it’s possible to reduce the higher churn scores simply by using myriad strategies and not any software. The answer is simply NO!

The system has gone technically so fast that implementing strategies is important to adapt your system to the churn reduction software. The software for churn reduction mainly targets the aim of retaining customers by optimizing customer churn management and implementing strategies that give real-time insights into customer behavior and customer feedback.

In this article, we are going to look at the strategies to implement for churn reduction using churn management software.

Add Playbooks For User’s In-App Help

It is pretty much obvious that you are going to onboard the customer and give the overall tour of the product or service to educate them. However, one of the most recommended strategies for churn scores reduction is to provide in-app help to customers. For this, playbooks for your system have proven to be beneficial not only for the sales team but for customers as well. Playbooks are the guides that help the user navigate through the roadblocks if they happen to face any.

Hence, for providing in-app help it is necessary to use churn management software. With churn reduction software integrated into your product or service, consumers will be able to find the guide whenever they get stuck. The result of doing so will be that the customer will not get frustrated or irritated – hence no churn.

Analyze and Follow Net Promoter Score

Your product consumer will only recommend the product or service to other acquaintances only if the consumer is satisfied. And to get to know if the customer is satisfied or not, one of the important customer success metrics is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Using a churn management system, you can calculate and analyze the net promoter score. The net promoter score is calculated using a survey in which customers or consumers on a scale of 1 to 10 mark to what extent there is the probability of product recommendation.

Get Real-time Analytics

For reducing churn, it is important to have real-time analytics that is driven by customer behavior and customer engagement. To obtain analytics, the requirement of churn reduction software becomes the foremost priority. On the basis of customer behavior and user engagement with the product, you will be able to understand which users are engaging with your product more and what features they use of the product or service.

This becomes the most crucial factor because it drives churn reduction strategies and their implementation as well. Therefore, real-time analytics can be obtained using churn management software that will help you in targeting the customers who are at risk of churning.

Analyze Customer Health Scores

Customer health scores give insight into which customers is at the risk of churning and which customers are going to keep services or product for their use. Moreover, the customer health scores can be set on certain triggers which would highlight the factors due to which the software will calculate churn. It is pretty obvious that for this the need for churn reduction software would be the real hero that will calculate and analyze customer health scores through automation.

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