Medical Marketing: Why It’s Necessary for a Modern Practice


Like any business, a medical practice needs a marketing strategy regardless of specialty. Therefore, medical marketing, as it is commonly referred to, is integral to the operation and development of medical practice.

Without marketing actions, the smooth flow of new patients in the practice space is not ensured. In contrast, even the existing patients may gradually stop visiting it or, influenced by the promotional actions of competitors, enter the process of trying new practices. 

The medical industry is rapidly transforming. Now, medical practices in every region provide a similar level of service. At the same time, online marketplaces, such as doctor-anytime, enable new doctors to become known much more easily and quickly gain reputation and more traffic in their doctor’s offices.

What should you do? You should create an overall, composed, and consistent digital image, presenting your potential visitors not only with the services you offer but also why your practice differs from those of other colleagues.

This consistent digital medical marketing will greatly help your practice

It is certain that, as a doctor and a professional, you have many ideas for improving the image and increasing traffic in your practice. But do these ideas correspond to reality? Are you targeting the right audience? What budget should you spend each month to promote your practice?

As you understand, your practice, like any business activity, needs a targeted marketing plan to achieve the goals that have been set.

In this article, we will refer extensively to medical marketing, to whom it is addressed, and to what benefits it can offer modern practice. Furthermore, we will help you understand if medical marketing is something you should apply in your case, while we will also refer to how you can implement a marketing plan for your practice.

What is medical marketing, and what are its benefits for a practice?

The overabundance of medical practices and large clinics (e.g., EUROMEDICA) in each region often creates confusion for the general public, who reasonably wonders which doctor to turn to when facing a medical problem.

Medical marketing fills this gap, bringing you one step closer to people who, for whatever reason, want to see a doctor of a particular specialty. Through medical marketing, you create an open communication channel between doctors and patients. Thus, you will be able to establish trustworthy relationships with those who seek your advice. People who will come back again every time they need or want to visit you again.

As freelance scientists, you can take advantage of various marketing tools. In this way, you will be able to increase your circle of contacts but also fully understand the needs of those interested in you to create long-term relationships with them.

A successful marketing plan will result in people trusting you and your space. These people will become the best way to publicize your scientific prowess and the services you offer and thus be the vehicle to make it known to a wider audience.

Due to the special nature of the medical product, a key variable for the satisfaction of those requesting such services is trust. 

To gain the trust of stakeholders, you need to present your scientific expertise. Medical marketing will help you project it outward, always in a way that does not go against the basic principles of ethics, thus enabling more people to trust you.

A successful medical marketing plan also depends, to a large extent, on how well you know the rest of the issues surrounding the medical services you provide.

For instance, it is important to know the demographics of those who may contact you. i.e., their specific characteristics, such as age, place of residence, the standard of living, etc.

Thus, you will be able to choose with greater certainty the appropriate means of communication and promotion to reach this portion of people effectively.

The answer to the above question is your competitive advantage. In other words, it’s what you should ultimately be projecting out there.

An excellent means of communication to achieve this is by creating a website. With more and more people looking online daily for solutions to their various problems, it would be wrong of you not to be where your potential practice visitors are.

It has been proven that people find it easier to schedule an appointment with a doctor they can find information about digitally because they feel like they know them better. So start building a relationship of trust with the local community and the general public today through your medical website.

Is the Practice of Medical Marketing Right for Me?

Many have combined digital medical marketing with social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. It is, however, something much more.

First of all, as a form of marketing, digital marketing refers, among other things, to the basic scheme of the 4Ps. And in the case of creating an effective practice marketing plan, the 4Ps must be analyzed and approached appropriately.

Product (Product) / Service

What do people want and expect from you? What are the main services you offer in terms of scientific expertise? You will be asked to answer these questions as the first step in strategic planning for your practice.


What is your price level for the services you provide? This question will significantly assist you in identifying your potential audience. For example, suppose the cost of a simple visit to your doctor’s office is particularly high. In that case, you should direct your marketing efforts to an audience that a relatively high standard of living will characterize.


The services you offer should be easily accessible to anyone interested. This parameter works decisively, if not decisively at times, in the choice of people looking for medical practices or medical centers. If your services are available in a location, or even at a time, that is “off-limits” to the general public, your target audience is inevitably limited.


Even if you offer the best level of scientific advice and service, this condition is often not sufficient to determine your “success” in the field. The prospect of ensuring a better result is an advertising and, above all, the case of digital marketing.

Modern ways of health marketing

Medical marketing is an investment that every practice should make. As professionals, you will have to devote several hours of your valuable time and enough money for your actions to have any effect.

Below we will outline some of the most successful ways of digital medical marketing so that you can create the right strategy for your case.

Create a proper corporate identity for medical services

Creating an appropriate brand identity, whether you are a doctor or a diagnostic center, or a website providing related services, is the first basic step for properly communicating medical and other associated services in the modern digital environment.

Create an easily accessible and informative website

Your website gives internet users the first impression of your practice and the services you offer. So what is the first impression you want them to form of you?

A professional website with high-quality content and information about you, your professional expertise, and the solutions you can provide to the various stakeholders’ problems will set you apart from other colleagues and enhance your prestige and image as a scientist.

  • your contact details,
  • the address of your practice,
  • your opening hours,
  • or even book your appointments online.

Get a social media presence.

Social media is one of the most direct ways to connect with local or non-local community media.

Research shows that over 90% of people use social media to find and share health information. Popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram can put you in direct contact with potential visitors to your site. You can explain your services through this communication and how someone can get in touch with you directly.

Create quality (and relevant) content

Creating social media accounts is the first and probably the easiest step. The biggest challenge lies in being consistent in your posts and posting useful and interesting content for your followers. Doing so is, by definition, difficult, as your time is limited. Don’t worry, however, as by working with us, we take over for you the production of the material (photos, videos, texts) and the management of the relevant accounts. Entering this process:

  • You will be able to get more visitors to your website.
  • You will provide information on issues of concern to the general public.
  • You will ensure easier communication with potential stakeholders.
  • You will improve your website’s ranking in search engine results.
  • You will be able to advertise specialized services or products related to the medical marketing agency and related fields.

Advertise on search engines

We discussed the significance of establishing an online and social media presence. But think about the first steps you take when looking for information on a particular topic. Surely most of you use some search engine, like Google. 

How would you feel if your practice website appeared at the top of the search results when someone was looking for the medical services you offer?

For this to happen, in addition to the quality content we mentioned above, you can invest in relevant search engine advertising. This way, you can establish your online presence and reach a larger audience. 

This type of advertising is called PPC (pay per click) because you are only charged if a user clicks on your ad. One of the positives of this type of promotion is that you can immediately check the results of your actions and adjust the money you invest. The largest provider of PPC ads is Google and Google Ads.

How do I find the right medical marketing ads?

Technological development could in no way leave the health sector unaffected. On the contrary, it has inevitably changed how the public is informed about medical matters and consumes medical SEO services.

To enhance your online presence and properly promote your practice, diagnostic center, or health-related website, you should turn to a reputable team of professionals who will help you differentiate yourself from the rest of the industry.

This choice is not easy. To help you choose which company meets your needs, we’ve put together some facts you should consider before making your final decision.

Experience in the healthcare industry

Working with a digital agency based on their clients in other industries is not enough. Each sector has its terminology, its practices, and its philosophy. For example, effective communication techniques and channels in the catering industry may not have the same results in the health sector, which involves more sensitive social issues.

Services offered

When selecting a digital agency, you should also consider the range of services it offers. For example, if you are interested in creating a website and managing your social media accounts, it would be better to contact a company that could handle it all.

Cost of services

You should calculate how much money you are willing to invest for your presence in today’s digital environment to find a digital marketing company that will meet your initial budget. An experienced company in the field of medical marketing will be able to create for you a marketing plan adapted to your available budget.


Through the internet, you can get in touch with the general public, understand their needs, as well as how you can position yourself about them.

Digital marketing can help you build a strong and recognizable brand name in your niche. However, following a properly organized and structured strategy is very important. 

For this reason, you can turn to an advertising company with experience in 360° digital marketing, both in the health sector and in general, which will be able to study your case in detail and propose you a personalized action plan.

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