How to Deal erectile dysfunction with your partner?


Most girls think that as men age, their sexual interest starts to go down and it gets harder for them to get and keep an erection. This is true, but women should know that men can have trouble with their erections even when they are in their 30s.

Women should also remember that it’s a bothersome problem for men and could be caused by something else wrong with their bodies. Even though medications and therapy can temporarily treat and lessen the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it can be very annoying and even embarrassing for a person to talk about it.

If you’re wondering if your husband is the only one with this problem, you should know that about 20% of men in India have erectile dysfunction, and the chances of getting it jump sharply to 30% after the age of 40.

The disease can hurt the nerves and blood vessels that are needed to get an erection.

Men with diabetes are three times more likely to have trouble getting or keeping an erection than men without diabetes.

It can be hard to deal with a partner who can’t get or keep an erection, but think about it from their point of view. Most men tell their wives, As girls, we can’t believe how annoying it is for them to be miles. To understand a person’s sexual problem, you should listen carefully to what he says and take it seriously.

Most of the time, blood vessel problems are the main cause of ED in men over 50. In fact, because the blood vessels in the penis are smaller than those in the heart, heart diseases can also cause sexual problems. Eighty percent of men who go to the emergency room for their first heart attack say they have had erectile dysfunction at some point in the past.

Find the cause of ED.

Even though it can feel personal, you can’t blame yourself for your partner’s inability to get or keep an erection. It usually happens for a variety of reasons, and you’re not one of them.

Some women will think, “My husband doesn’t like me as much as he used to, so he doesn’t get an erection like he used to.” But that might not be the case at all. He could be feeling stress, going through physical changes, or something else more likely.

Most of the time, young men’s problems are mental or caused by a strange turn of events. Stress, sadness, and general performance anxiety can be to blame, especially in the beginning of a new sexual relationship. Medication, like beta-blockers for high blood pressure and antidepressants that work, can also make it hard to get an erection.

It’s not very common for the person he’s having sex with to be the cause of his ED.

Most of the time, medicines like Vidalista 40mg tablets and Vidalista 20mg can help with erectile dysfunction. They work, they don’t have many side effects, and they don’t get you hooked.

If drugs don’t work, there are other things that can be done, like vacuum pumps, injections that the guys can give themselves, or surgically implanted devices. If your husband has heart disease or other health problems, he might not be able to take these medicines. Tell him to talk to a doctor before he takes them.

In some cases, a man may not be able to do something with a partner if he masturbates a lot. Before you try to fix his problems, you should try to figure out what they are and where they come from. If your partner’s problem is low testosterone, he may also show signs like losing sexual desire and having very little energy. In this case, testosterone therapy is the last resort and can lead to big changes for the better.

Start by doing these things.

Use the Internet, your friends, or books to find out as much as you can about erectile dysfunction. The more you know, the better you may be able to plan how to help your partner. You can find out about the changes he wants to make in his life and the medical treatments that might help him get his erection back. Even though ED drugs like Vidalista 80 black and Malegra 100 mg work, these capsules can go off on their own, so he may also need your help to get an erection.

Change up what you do in bed. Getting an erection usually starts with getting sexually aroused. This means that stepping up the pre-sex play, looking for or reading about something sexy together, or coming up with a new idea for something you haven’t tried before can help your partner get an erection.

Tell them to take care of their hearts.

Penis fitness can be improved by having a healthy heart and good blood flow. It won’t fix erection problems that are already there, but it will stop them from getting worse.

Let your partner know how much you mean to him and help him. Remind them that not being able to get an erection has nothing to do with their manhood and hasn’t changed the way you feel about them.

Talk about what you think and how you feel.

Just like anything else that’s going on in your relationship, talking about his problems and how well they’re being treated lets you both know what’s going on.

Talk about what you and your partner want and how to get it. Also, let him know that men often have this problem and that it can be fixed.

Find other ways to please and sexually satisfy each other so that he doesn’t feel like he has to do what you want.

Offer to go to the doctor or hospital with them. Even if they decide to go alone, they will know that you want to be there for them. The people who are most successful at getting their sexuality back are those whose sexual partner is a real person. If you go with your husband, you will be a huge help to him.

Tell them they need to let their doctor know how they are doing. Does their cure work?

Have they thought of any questions or side effects? Tell them to talk to a different doctor about it.

Keep up the other parts of your dating that are more personal. Feeling close to each other can mean more than just talking. You might also want to talk to a counsellor if the changes caused by erectile dysfunction are causing you and your partner a lot of stress.

Dating can be hard if you can’t get an erection. You’ll have to help and encourage your friend as they deal with their condition. It’s also very important to take care of yourself.

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