What Types of Ppc Ads Are There? 8 Types of Ppc Ads


When a solid strategy is developed, and the appropriate PPC elements are applied, PPC marketing may be quite successful. It is critical to understand the many PPC advertising accessible to you and when you should use them. 

After gaining this knowledge, then can begin to develop a PPC marketing plan that employs the appropriate campaign types to meet your marketing objectives. A professional PPC firm will always take the time to understand your company goals and match your needs with the many types of PPC advertising available.

Search Engine Advertisements

This is the style of ad that most advertisers begin with when experimenting with PPC advertising. Advertisers choose keywords for which they wish their adverts to appear. They then tell Google Ads the ad content they want to appear when users search for their keyword and how much they are ready to pay if their ad is clicked.

PPC search advertising employs an auction method to determine the order in which the advertiser’s sponsored ads show on the page and the cost they should pay. The auction considers the amount the advertiser bids on the term and other quality variables.

Display Advertisements

Display advertising is a type of paid advertising in which you promote your service or product to individuals who are surfing the internet. Display advertising varies from PPC search engine marketing in that your ad may show in front of consumers who are already searching for our product or service with a Search campaign.

 Display advertising places the advertiser’s advertisements in front of people who have indicated an interest in your service or service. As a result, display advertising has a lower exchange rate than PPC search advertising. Display advertising, on the other hand, frequently has substantially cheaper click pricing than PPC search advertising.

Ads for Remarketing

A remarketing campaign displays advertisements to visitors who have already visited your website. Because the consumer has previously expressed an interest in your company, a remarketing campaign is a very successful PPC campaign. 

It is frequently used to re-enter consumers on the verge of converting, upsell, or cross-sell more items to your customer base. Following are some instances of audience lists that might be developed and targeted with a Google Remarketing campaign:

  • Every prior user
  • Previously purchased from this website
  • I signed up for the newsletter and watched the company’s YouTube videos
  • Abandoned carts

I stayed on the site for more than x seconds but did not convert.

Video Advertisements

Video advertising is becoming an increasingly essential component of digital marketing. Video is used by 85 percent of organizations in their marketing activities, and 92 percent think it is an essential aspect of their marketing initiatives. Online videos are expected to account for more than 84 percent of all customer traffic by 2022.

The advantages of sponsored and organic video advertising include getting your films in front of individuals who are not presently aware of your company or following you. You do not have to labor first to establish an audience.

Shopping Advertisements

Like a Search campaign, a Shopping campaign allows advertisements to appear in search engines. Unlike a Search campaign, however, Shopping advertisements include a picture of the object being sold, as well as the price, title, and product description. E-commerce enterprises that offer things rather than services might establish a Shopping campaign.

A Shopping campaign may be one of the most beneficial aspects of a company’s PPC advertising. Because the consumer has previously seen an image of the goods and the price, this is the case. They are far more knowledgeable about the goods before you click and take your money. As a result, a Shopping campaign’s conversion rate is typically higher than that of a Research campaign.

Paid Social Media Ads

Paid social advertising entails displaying advertisements to users while surfing a social media platform. Many paid social sites provide PPC advertising options. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, & Tick Tock are a few examples.

Advertisers that want to perform Instagram PPC may do so easily using the Fb PPC advertising area. Because Facebook owns Instagram, advertisers using Fb advertisements may easily integrate Instagram as an additional location in their advertising campaign, extending their advertising reach.

Sponsored Ads in Gmail

Businesses may advertise on Gmail using Gmail Sponsored Ads. They can be built within Google Ads, so marketers with a Google Search, Shopping, or Display campaign may quickly expand into Gmail Sponsored marketing.

Users receive advertising similar to a regular email when they utilize Gmail Sponsored advertisements. When a person clicks on the ad, they are directed to a bigger version of the ad. They have the choice to go to your website from here.

In-stream Advertisements

Instream advertising occurs in YouTube videos. If you’ve ever viewed a video on YouTube, you’ve probably seen some commercial before or during the video. You’ve seen sponsored material when viewing videos, whether a full-screen, non-skippable commercial or a little sidebar ad.

 If a business wants to employ this form of PPC campaign, you must produce an ad that piques the attention and engagement of your target audience. Since 63 percent of all users watch YouTube regularly, it’s an excellent chance for your content to reach those likely to be seeking content.

Final Verdict

There are several PPC advertising platforms & ad formats to choose from. In this article, I discussed eight of the most popular PPC ad kinds used by most marketers. Most marketers that begin with PPC advertising start with a Google Ads search campaign. 

This is frequently a good beginning place for many PPC advertisers. However, there are several more solutions accessible to you. It is critical to test various ad kinds and identify the best PPC advertising approach for your company.

After you’ve decided wherever your ad appears, you’ll need to decide who you want to target and where you want your ad to appear. Your instream ad will be launched as soon as you complete all relevant information.

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