The Effects of TikTok Use on College Student Learning


TikTok app was developed by Bytedance, which is a Chinese multinational internet technology company headquartered located in Beijing and its was get popularity in 2017. This application is a social media application for users who are createing 15 to 60 seconds of short lip sync video with, comedy, acting, and talent videos using background music and to get likes.

Tiktok App became the most downloaded app on the web and now with more 500 million active users worldwide its the world most used application . This application has attracted most of the younger generation; 90% and most of them use TikTok on a daily basis and spent lots of time on it. Now the biggest question is that, however, seems to be whether or not this is a good thing for us or not.

While TikTok 18 pluse apk has not officially released a description of the app’s algorithm, the basic dimensions it uses to determine a user’s engagement and personalize their feed are obvious: likes, comments, shares and watch times. However, the algorithm most likely uses less obvious dimensions in addition to these, like the “sounds” a user interacts with and the videos liked and engaged with by their followers.

This hyper-specific algorithm is effective in doing what it’s designed to do: keep users watching and engaging with curated content for as long as possible. Unfortunately I, like so many other students, downloaded the app at a time when my mental health was taking a turn for the worse. 

Since the emergence of social media, teens have always used it as a platform to vent and relate with one another, discussing topics that, for a long time, were not openly discussed in the public sphere. Before TikTok, there were communities of kids on Tumblr and Instagram that used the sites to connect with others struggling with mental health, oftentimes in harmful ways that romanticized or sensationalized the issues. However, these communities were contained. In order to be fed content like this, users had to search for it through hashtags and usernames, because unless they actively engaged with it, it wouldn’t appear in their feeds or on their explore pages.

The majority of TikTok’s user base is made up of young people, so these communities are still prevalent, but the app’s algorithm doesn’t offer the same kind of shield for young viewers that its predecessors did. Because the algorithm bases user preferences on passive engagement (watch times, “sounds”, and videos their followers engaged with), as well as active engagement (likes, comments, and shares), users are at a much higher risk of being exposed to harmful content just because it uses an audio they’ve engaged with or because people who follow them also watch videos like these. 

Pretty much immediately after downloading the app, I started being shown videos like these; Videos lipsyncing to songs about topics like suicide and addiction, usually coupled with text expressing the creator’s depression or nihilism. I never actually went looking for these videos, but as I engaged with them, either actively or passively, they appeared more and more until online school started up again in the fall, at which point they had pretty much taken over my For You page. 

This application got famous when the world is in global pandemic, and i have no thing to do but i have my smartphone with Tiktok in it. and i have spent my most of time with Titok and TikTok app became my only refuge. My other freinds also making videos for getting like and followers. The video content was seemingly endless and always catered specifically to me. I had an average daily screen time of more than nine hours per day, about 80% of which was spent on the app.

But now brain was thinking about later find out, literally addicted to scrolling through videos, depressing or otherwise, and I wasn’t the only one. Back in April 2022, the Wall Street Journal have mentioned report on a study that the tikok was not good by Chinese college students whose brain scans showed that areas of the brain involved in addiction were highly activated after watching videos on the Tiktok app. Therefore, i am not agree with this application.

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