ICO Development Services: A Comprehensive Write-up


Wondering what ICO development is and how it works.  Did you know that entrepreneurs are succeeding in their ICO launch with the help of ICO Development Company?  

ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, is a popular means of gaining capital for blockchain projects by selling digital assets. But not all launched ICOs are successful. Proper planning and ideation are required, and an ICO development company can help you with it. Now let’s see in detail about ICO and the stages involved in it.

What is an ICO? How does it work?

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a capital-raising approach by which funds are raised by selling blockchain-based digital assets. ICOs are similar to initial public offerings (IPOs), but coins issued during an ICO can have utility for a software product or service. In an ICO trading platform, investors receive cryptocurrency “tokens” in exchange for their financial contribution to the business. In other words, it is a means of crowdfunding through the creation and sale of a digital token to fund your new blockchain-based start-up.

When a company decides to have an ICO launch, it announces the date, rules, regulation, and buying process in advance. On the ICO launch date, investors can buy the new cryptocurrency. Most ICOs accept payment in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Though ICOs serve as a smart way to raise crowdfunds, not all ICOs succeed. Many entrepreneurs in order to raise funds for their business development are launching their ICOs, but all do not succeed. Proper planning and ideation are required, and an ICO development company can help you with it. 

An ICO launchpad is essential to launch an ICO. A launchpad is a platform where the new cryptocurrencies and crypto projects are sold and funded. Binance is one of the well-known launchpads for cryptocurrency. 

Types of Initial Coin Offering:

There are two types of initial coin offerings:

1. Private ICO:

In a private ICO, a limited number of investors can participate. These investors are generally accredited and have high net-worth. The company has the option to set the minimum investment amount. 

2. Public ICO:

Public ICO is open to all. It is a democratized form of investing because almost anyone can become an investor. 

Importance of ICO Development Company

Developing an ICO and raising funds from it could sound easy if we look into its mechanism. You might also have in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, but ICO is a very novel concept and is more process-oriented, and involves several strategies. Hence, an ICO token development company can help you raise the desired funds by creating ICO through their proven and efficient methods. The services that are generally covered under an ICO consultancy are 

  • Planning of the ICO
  • White Paper Drafting
  • Token Creation and Marketing
  • Website Development
  • ICO Listing Process
  • Post Launch Activities

Now, let’s look into the detailed process of stages involved in ICO launch and development in the forthcoming section. Before that, get to know the pros and cons of ICO launch.

Pros of ICO launch:

·   They are easily accessible for investors and start-ups at all economic levels. The token can be purchased by anyone from any part of the world.

·   The investors can do their background checks about the company. Everything can be easily inspected and traced online. The company’s whitepaper and performance can be accessed online.

·   You can invest directly in companies and projects that you are optimistic about, there are no blocks or middlemen between coin buyers and sellers.

Stages involved in ICO launch and ICO development:

ICO planning & Analysis

In-depth evaluation and research of the business model is a must when a company decides to launch an ICO. Experts in the crypto market weigh up the capability and practicality of the idea and determine if it actually has the potential to attract investors. Based on the feedback, the idea is reworked if required.

Whitepaper report drafting

Drafting an effective and genuine whitepaper is crucial for the ICO launch and development process. It helps investors or buyers to go through your business ideas and future business plans broadly.

ICO website designing

Designing a creative, user-friendly, attractive, and easy-to-navigate ICO launch website is a vital step. The landing web pages are also critical for attracting investors. They should contain convincing information which should immediately capture the investors’ minds and attract them towards the ICO. Hire a UI/UX developer for building and designing a website.

Pre ICO marketing service:

Developing an attractive ICO website alone is not enough. People will remain unaware of its existence if it is not marketed properly. Digital marketing plays an important role in this stage. Marketing the ICO token through various digital platforms like social media platforms is essential. Some ICO marketing approaches include email marketing, video marketing, community building through Discord/telegram, and the list goes on.

Token Development:

ICO tokens can be built on any Blockchain network, but almost all the ICOs are developed using the Ethereum blockchain technology due to its smart contracts and ERC-20 token functionality. An ERC20 token is a common standard used for creating and issuing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Smart contract development

 An ICO launch and development would require the development of smart contracts to implement complex business logic for ICO tokens. Smart contracts are very important for businesses developed based on blockchain technologies. These contracts are basically computer programs or transaction protocols that automate and streamline the process of the transaction on an Ethereum blockchain when all the predetermined conditions are met.

What does it cost to develop an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

The cost for ICO development cannot have a fixed range. It depends on the features and technology used in the development process.  


It is well known that the popularity of ICOs is steadily increasing. Although ICOs are relatively new in the market, they have quickly become one of the most popular methods of acquiring capital in the modern era. The best way to begin your ICO journey is by hiring an ICO token development company and avail the required end-to-end services. 

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