How To Fix No Sound on YouTube When Playing Videos?


YouTube is the most famous video real-time site and one of the biggest video-sharing organizations. Assuming you are here, it most likely implies that you don’t hear sound or sound while playing YouTube recordings. This is a boundless issue looked by YouTube users and is moderately simple to fix as well. There are many purposes behind this No Sound on YouTube issue, and in this post today, we will talk about a few potential reasons and the fixes consequently. More often than not, restarting the device is the most ideal choice to fix these transitory issues.

Solutions to Fix No Sound on YouTube Issue – 

The reasons for the occurrence of the common issue faced by users “Youtube sound not working”, can be solved following the respective solutions given below:

1] Check the Volume Settings on the device:

The youtube volume not working can also be the result of improper volume settings of the device on which youtube is running. 

To fix this users can check the configuration settings of the device speakers. Above the power button on the side of the mobile phone and the volume button on the desktops or laptops, set the required volume level from the device to solve the issue.

Users must also check the “YouTube built-in voice controller” which could be muted or set at the lowest volume. 

2] Update the web browser or Youtube app:

The most common reason for “youtube sound not working”, can be outdated web browsers or not updated youtube apps. To fix this issue, users need to update the web browser as well as the youtube app.

In case the issue still occurs then users can try changing the web browser or device on which it is operating or try to listen to another youtube video, maybe that particular video has some error.

Users can also try uninstalling the youtube app and reinstalling it, also resetting the web browser on which it was operating.

3] Close all the running programs on the device:

When many programs are running altogether on the device, it can slow the device, can also get stuck, and stop working. It also can lead to youtube volume not working, as many programs running together got clashed.

To fix this issue, users must try closing unwanted programs running on the device and try to run only one program at a time to avoid overburdening the device which can lead to no sound on youtube error.

4] Update the Flash Player:

Faulty Flash Player can be the reason for youtube sound not working, when it is outdated or has some technical error can cause the problem on youtube volume.

5] Clear browser cache & cookies:

It is advisable for users to always clear the cache and cookies from the browsing history on the web browser as well from the device(Use Disk Cleanup Tool),  as it can lead to issues of volume on youtube not working.

6] Update the Sound Card driver:

Users can try updating the Sound Card driver and also try running the Playing Audio Troubleshooter to fix the No Sound on YouTube trouble on the device.

7] Turn off Bluetooth and Check for Headphones Connected:

When there is a problem of volume on youtube not working, it can be an issue with the Bluetooth or Headset itself. Try listening to the YouTube video on the speaker option to confirm.

Then users can do a few tricks such as turn off the Bluetooth and turn it on again. Check that the headphones are connected properly. Users can also try to change the handset or get it repaired from the shop.

8] Security Software interference:

When YouTube users are searching for ways to fix No Sound on YouTube, they can try avoiding the Security Software on the device which was meant to help in the smooth working of the system.

Technical issues in this software can affect the program running on the device. To solve this, users can disable this security software for the time being.

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