Why custom jewellery is preferred for wedding


Custom made jewellery is unique. Custom made jewellery shows a special sense of belongingness. It doesn’t matter if you customize jewellery for the wedding or to gift someone, customized jewellery finds a special place in everyone’s heart. Customized jewellery is more sentimental as it is only one of its types; something which makes it special and unique. A customized wedding ring carries all the beautiful experiences and emotions felt by the couple. Wedding rings and engagement rings hatton garden can be modified and made unique according to your preferences.

Unique – The customized wedding rings are unique, which means they are solely designed for the individual. They are not just ordinary jewellery; there is some effort behind making this piece of art. This uniqueness displays the lifetime commitment of the giver to only and only his/her partner. It signifies trust and loyalty towards that one single person. Since the wedding ring is designed for the individual person, it reflects the true personality of the individual.

Sentiments – When a person designs a customized wedding ring for his/her partner, the exceptional feeling of love is shared by both of them; the receiver as well as the giver. These sentiments are stored in a form of jewellery for generations to come. It carries all the pre-wedding and post-wedding memories of the couple for a lifetime. For couples, customized wedding rings are the sacred exchange of emotions to each other.

Complementary – While customizing a wedding ring you are left with options to customize according to your wedding theme or your wedding dress, etc. A customized wedding ring would complete your wedding ceremony perfectly. Rings are very small yet significant part of the wedding ceremony and other rituals. Customizing their designs with different engravings according to different themes is a great option for you to make your wedding exceptional.

Control – You can regulate the quality of the design, metal composition and other minute details precisely. For a perfectionist, customized wedding rings are the best option as they can meet the standards up to their mark. Sometimes it does happen that you don’t get satisfied with the available options for the sale. When customizing, you can combine two or three different ideas that you like in different aspects of the band. For example, you prefer white gold but a certain gemstone you saw on a yet another yellow gold ring appears alluring to you. You can combine those two ideas and add some more creativity in band design to make an outstanding product for your partner.

Affordable – Lower budget? Not a problem. Customization in jewellery allows you to cut short the cost and still your ring would meet your expectations. You can change the karats of gold for example if you want a tougher ring. You can ask to add more percentage of zinc or other metal in gold which will give the ring an good look.

Jewellers Hatton Garden gives you the freedom to customize and personalize your wedding ring in terms of designs, material, etc.

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