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Ever wondered what your horoscope means? Has the science of Astrology baffled you for ages? No more confusion now. In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide to getting an idea about your birth charts and their role in your life.

  • What are Birth Charts?

A birth chart is a map that depicts the placement of planets and other celestial bodies at the precise time of your birth. It is also referred to as a natal chart. Birth charts are read to get an idea about the present situation. They predict how the planetary positions will change and influence your life favorably or unfavorably. Birth charts play a crucial role in astrology. Based on the position of planets in your diagram, some scientific calculations can predict the future.

Astrology is based on two things – the position of celestial bodies at the time of your birth and the zodiac signs – a curve representing the planets’ positions concerning the sun’s path intersecting with the surface of your birth chart.

Each part of the chart measures roughly 100 degrees and is divided into 12 equal sections (18.33 degrees each) called sectors or houses. In traditional Astrology, these sectors or places are associated with a person’s psychological and character traits. Reading your birth chart helps you understand your personality, which is very important in choosing a career.

It is important to note that you can only see the position of the Sun, the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter, only some of the planets. The more accurate the birth chart, the better your chances of success.

  1. How many sections are there in a birth chart?

There are 12 sections in a birth chart referred to as houses. These houses are a visual depiction of 24 hours of Earth’s rotation. Each house stands for approximately two hours.

Each house represents different areas of your life in the form of a wheel. As one moves from left to right across the wheel, the area’s transition from personal and tangible to interpersonal and abstract is observed. The houses and the areas they govern are as follows –

  1. First House – Self-image and physical appearance
  2. Second House – Financial aspects and material resources
  3. Third House – Communication, creativity and intellect
  4. Fourth House – Home and family
  5. Fifth House – Romance, children and pregnancy
  6. Sixth House – Health, wellness and routine
  7. Seventh House – Marriage and partnerships
  8. Eighth House – Sex, birth and death
  9. Ninth House – Religion, ethics and higher education
  10. Tenth House – Career, reputation and fame
  11. Eleventh House – Profit, wealth and prosperity
  12. Twelfth House – Losses, death and decline

2. Birth Charts – What do they reveal about me?

Don’t know your birth chart, and so you’re worried?

No need to worry.

Many people share the same zodiac sign. Many share the time of their birth. If two people are born simultaneously but in different years, their birth charts could also differ.

When you visit a tarot or astrology website, you’ll notice that a separate wheel or a timeline represents each zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign corresponds to a particular timeframe, including the time from conception to birth to old age. A natal chart is an excellent way to show through data how heaven and Earth have impacted your life.

3. Envision your future with birth charts

Astrological birth charts provide remarkable insights into the future. They reveal a lot about your character. Knowing about your personality and other personal characteristics before they manifest themselves is vital for living a peaceful life and experiencing success in business and relationships. For example, the 4th house in Vedic astrology represents family and home. The placement of planets in this house tells how one manages relationships.

The uniqueness of the birth charts or natal charts lies in the fact that they are unique for every individual. For example, if one is born in the sign Sagittarius, he will have to balance career and family when he reaches 30. At the same time, the one born in Leo will expect to have a profitable job by the same time.

4. Conclusion

Now that you have adequate information about birth charts, exploring why you feel a certain way, what personality traits are hindering your growth and making the required changes for a good life would be worthwhile.

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