7 Best Zion Hiking Trails for You To Discover


Zion is a popular hiking trek of the United States of America. Many people come here specifically for hiking on a unique Zion hiking trail, but you don’t have to be an experienced hiker to enjoy the park’s trails.


Zion is the symbol of Narrows. It is a canyon with cracks between all canyons. Tourists who don’t mind a little wet can hike through this impressive cliff along the Virgin River. A popular Zion hiking trail, it runs in summer when the river has no spring runoff and is safe enough.

Although there are many ways to do this hike, most people start at the end of the riverside. The river flows upstream, through the rocks of the riverbed.

You can vary the length of this trek as needed, and turn around at any time, but you cannot leave Daquan. The most beautiful scenery is about two hours away on Wall Street. The steep walls are closer here. Most hikers need to go back and forth six to eight miles.


Kayenta Trail is connected to Emerald Pools Trail, usually combined with Emerald Pools Hike, starting at the grotto and ending at the bus stop of Zion Hotel. This Zion hiking trail is a two-mile circular hike to Upper Emerald Pool.

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Most of the time this trail goes around the canyon wall and then climbs up the pool. The beautiful scenery of the Virgin River and canyon runs through the entire length of this trail, and there are many open long cliffs. But don’t forget to find discount codes on Couponxoo.com which can help you save a lot of money on your travel trips.

River Walk

As the name suggests, this Zion hiking trail runs along the Virgin River and offers a magnificent view of the surrounding cliffs that diverge on both sides of the river. This paved path is accessible for wheelchairs and strollers and stretches along the cliff most of the time, with views of the nearby weeping wall, sky garden, and Virginia River.

Birds and other wild animals can sometimes be seen here. In some areas, the original path leads to the river. The Zion hiking trail ends at the beginning of The Narrows Trek. Riverside Walk is a 3.5-mile circular hiking route that is easy to solve for leisure tourists and is the last stop of the shuttle bus.

Canyon Lookout Trail

This is a spectacular hike of 1 mile (1.6 km), leading to a high viewing platform overlooking the valley. This Zion hiking trail is part of the attraction, as it winds around the side of the mountain, hugs the cliff, avoids the wooden road overhanging the cliff, and enjoys the extraordinary scenery from every corner. Most of

Long Falls are protected by railings, but some do not. After leaving the tunnel, the starting point of the path is on the east side of the tunnel. I should enter the parking lot as soon as I get out of the tunnel, or if I miss a stop and find it difficult to turn around

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Weeping Rock

Easily walk half a mile to Weeping Rock, a large niche in the excavated rock, with the constant current, Dripping water, or power source, especially on rainy days, the weeping rock can turn into a waterfall.

The sky garden can be seen along the wall, and the valley overlooks the surrounding mountains. If you decide to do this hike under the tree canopy, it may be a little wet. This short Zion hiking trail has several moderately steep stairs and several flights of stairs.


This 13-kilometer round trip is one of the best routes, with breathtaking scenery and unique views of Zion Canyon. This is an arduous hike through Echo Canyon, through Zion’s scenic Navajo sandstone and past. Finally, you come to a flat viewing platform with a panoramic view of the canyon.

From here you can see the cliffs and valleys below the Virginia River. If you are not ready for the drama and crowds of angel landing, the observation deck is a good choice. The Zion hiking trail becomes longer and taller, with fewer people, taking you through the magnificent view of the canyon along the way.

The path for this Zion hiking trail is at the Weeping Rock parking lot. In winter, the path can be covered by snow or ice.

Hidden Canyon

Hidden Canyon can be completed by yourself or as a reward for Lookout Point Trail. On its own, this is a 2.2-mile return journey, a less laborious and shorter hike. If you just want to run for a few hours and are not afraid of heights, this is an option.

The path starts from a weeping rock path, ends with a series of curves, and ends with a suspended canyon. Keep in mind that this trail has several severe drops along the narrow part of the trail, some of which have chains that are screwed to the edge of the cliff. Wait, some of them don’t. It is not suitable for children, nor will it appeal to those who are afraid of heights.

Zion is an impressive park with incredible views from all angles. Therefore, if you decide to hike along the bottom of the valley or the trails of one of the high mountains, take the Zion hiking trail mentioned in this article.

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