5 Things to Do in London


You’ve heard of London before, but what exactly does it have to offer? The most iconic and dynamic city in the world, London is a fascinating combination of ancient and modern cultures. Its origins date back to 43 AD, when the Romans first ruled over the area. Today, London consists of two parts, the City of London and the Metropolitan Area. The City of London is the oldest part of the city, and has its own ceremonial army, police force, and flag. The Lord Mayor rules this area.

Westminster Abbey

A large Gothic abbey church located in the City of Westminster is known as Westminster Abbey. It is situated just west of the Palace of Westminster. It is well worth a visit to the city of London to see this famous church. Learn about the history of Westminster Abbey. Once you’ve been to the Westminster Abbey, you’ll know that you’ve made a good choice in your next London vacation. Read on for tips to get the most out of your trip to Westminster Abbey.

The Westminster Abbey was the site of the last coronation of a British monarch in 1953. It was also the site of Princess Diana’s funeral. Today, Westminster Abbey is not just a tourist attraction – it’s a working church! You can attend services every Sunday, as well as religious holidays like Easter. If you’re visiting on Sunday, be sure to plan your visit to coincide with the church’s service.

Changing of the Guard

Every year, the Changing of the Guard takes place in London. These guards are famous for their red coats and bear hats, and they march and perform a traditional ceremony. Traditionally, the guards march with marching bands and chants, and the entire ceremony is a must-see for anyone who is visiting the city. However, some visitors are not familiar with the ceremony and may not want to attend.

The Changing of the Guard ceremony is a popular attraction in London. The ceremony features immaculately-dressed guardsmen and bands playing stirring music. Observers can walk between the two locations, so they can get a better view of the guardsmen. While the guardsmen change positions every so often, the ceremony itself is the same. A corps of drummers sometimes join the ceremony, and a full band plays a concerto for the occasion.

The National Gallery

If you’re looking to visit Central London, The National Gallery is one of the best places to go. Located in Trafalgar Square, this art museum is a must-see. Its collection of 2,300 paintings spans the centuries from the mid-13th century to 1900. No matter what you’re interested in, you’re sure to find something fascinating in the National Gallery. Read on to learn more about the gallery and its collections.

You can also visit Northall at Corinthia London.

The National Gallery in London showcases some of the world’s most awe-inspiring paintings. You’ll see works by Rembrandt, Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Seurat, and Caravaggio. You’ll also find a painting by Vincent van Gogh, whose inspiration came from a window in a mental asylum. The National Gallery is free to enter.

Piccadilly Circus

You may have seen pictures of the Piccadilly Circus, but do you know where it is? Located near Trafalgar Square in central London, this is where the hustle and bustle of London happens. Visitors and commuters alike flock to this busy intersection, but you should know that the Piccadilly Circus is not the same as the travelling circus. There are many things to do at this busy central location.

The iconic Coca-Cola sign dominates the north-eastern corner of the Piccadilly Circus, and it’s been here for more than one century. In 1908, the site was lit up with neon lights. Perrier and Bovril were among the first brands to advertise here. During World War II, neon lights were turned off in the area, but were later switched on again for the funerals of Winston Churchill and Lady Diana.

The West End

The West End of London is a central area of London that lies north and west of the City of Westminster. Many of the city’s major tourist attractions and businesses are located here, as well as government buildings and entertainment venues like the West End theatres. If you want to visit London, the West End of the capital is an ideal place to start. The area also has numerous attractions, including the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben.

The West End has a long history and is home to many notable events. The area is known for its flashing lights and top-class shopping, but few know the historical background of the area. Listed below are a few facts about the area. Read on to learn more about the West End of London. You’ll be awed by the history of this exciting part of London. And, don’t forget to take some time to visit the many theatres and other attractions.

The City

Located in central London, the City ofLondon is a global financial centre, containing 255 foreign banks. This district is home to the London Stock Exchange, the Bank of England, and Lloyd’s of London. During the week, over 300,000 people work in the City, but the scene is quite different on weekends. In fact, many residents of the area have moved elsewhere for the weekend. Here are some things you should know about the City of London.

The City of London has a traditional medieval street pattern, and it has a number of smaller streets, alleys, and courtyards. There are even several reconstructed medieval buildings surrounded by the city. Many of these buildings can be visited. In addition to shopping, the area is known for the London Underground’s roundel, flanked by two City dragons. Some of the largest buildings in the City are located in the financial district.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a city oasis. Located in the heart of London, Hyde Park is a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park is home to many famous statues and gardens. The Serpentine Lake is a popular destination for swimming, with hundreds of members and a variety of festive races organized throughout the year. A variety of recreational activities are also available in Hyde Park, including jogging, walking, cycling, and picnicking.

For decades, Speakers’ Corner has served as an important part of the park’s community life. In fact, the park’s role in London’s public life can be traced to the early nineteenth century. This area was once the venue for open-air public debates, including those involving Karl Marx, George Orwell, and Vladimir Lenin. Even today, it is an important venue for political protests, as many British political leaders hold their meetings there.

Trafalgar Square

If you’re planning to visit the city of London, you should first go to the historic Trafalgar Square. Located in the heart of the city, it is flanked by the statue of the famous admiral Nelson. Nelson, whose name is engraved on the column, lost his life during the largest battle of the English navy. The square is also home to a number of other interesting structures, including four bronze lions made from recycled cannons, Nelson’s column, and statues of Queen Victoria and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Most major parades begin and end in the square, which makes it a prime location for the parade. Trafalgar Square has been the focal point of the annual Pride London celebration and the New Year’s Day Parade. It has also been the site of the rowdiest New Year’s Eve parties for decades. Located near Big Ben, the square used to draw huge crowds for the midnight fireworks. It is a must-see if you’re in London during these times.

The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall in south Kensington is a famous concert venue in London. This building is one of the UK’s treasures and is managed by a charity, with no government funding. Seating up to 5,272 people, the Royal Albert Hall is one of the city’s best kept secrets. You must check out some of its performances, or you may find yourself enamored with the building. Read on to find out more about this concert venue.

The original name of the hall was the Central Hall of Arts and Sciences. Queen Elizabeth II, whose royal highness is responsible for the construction of the hall, announced the change in the name. She was overcome with emotion during the official opening of the building, so the Prince of Wales spoke. The new name reflects the building’s rich history. Despite the recent changes, the Royal Albert Hall is still an enchanting and beautiful venue to see.


If you want to visit the West End, you can get discounted tickets at TKTS London. You can pay by credit card at the booth or in sterling cash. The TKTS also offers Theatre Tokens. However, some credit cards are not accepted, including Amex and Solo. It is important to know that you must queue at least one hour before the show’s start. To avoid the long queue, ask people about the show in advance.

The Society of London Theatre (SOLT) runs TKTS, the original ticket booth in Leicester Square. This one-stop ticket shop has been in operation since 1980, and represents the theatre industry in the city. Tickets are sold at discounted prices by members, as well as full price. You can get a half price ticket on the day of the performance, and you can also save a lot of money if you purchase tickets in advance.

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